Nappies And Changing

Ah, nappies. Tiny genitals and bumholes. Urine in your face, poo on the carpet. The joys of parenthood! To be fair, changing nappies is a pretty big part of having a kid.

Yeah, yeah, maybe 90%+ of your time is actually spent not changing nappies but, in fact, doing other things like playing with baby, dancing stupidly (dad dancing is actually an instinct, by the way - even if you were a good dancer before having kids, you will be a dad dancer immediately afterwards!) or making fart noises.

But in your mind, if you're anything like me, then nappies will be a big thing.

Changing a nappy

Dad dancing is an instinct - even if you were a good dancer you will be a dad dancer within a week

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Even before Kit came along, actually, we had decided that we would probably go for reusable cloth nappies.

This is largely due to our local council running adverts in the intermission at the cinema.

We only went to watch Hunger Games!

Truth be told, we used disposable nappies for the first few weeks and I recommend that you do too if this if your first child. It's just that there is so much to think about in those first few weeks!

If I had tried to do cloth nappying in those weeks I probably would have failed, miserably.

See how you get on.

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