How To Make Reusable Baby Wipes

Wouldn’t you like to save some money whilst helping the environment? Well, in this post I’m going to show you how to make reusable baby wipes, which are what we use about ninety percent of the time when cleaning up after Kit. This goes for top end and rear end.

Ew, why?

As you no doubt know, I’m a big fan of reusable stuff – I’m a fan of reducing waste in general, not just for the sake of the environment, but also for the sake of my pocket. Mainly for the sake of my pocket, in fact.

Yes that’s right, pretty much entirely for selfish reasons I prepare, use and wash little squares of flannel cloth, which as often as not are covered in poo. Ew!

But seriously, if you take just a minute to think about it you’ll be wanting to do the same


If you consider that with each and every disposable nappy thrown away there will usually be at least one associated baby wipes, that’s 8 million thrown in the bin each day in the UK. OK so they’re smaller than nappies, and so take up less space in land fill.

Maybe that is missing the point though…

But mine are flushable!

Woah! Hold’r right there partner. Don’t flush!

According to the Marine Conservation Society, the number of wet wipes being washed up on our beaches has been increasing hugely – in 2014 there were as many as 35 wet wipes per kilometre of our beaches.

Even though they are sold as flushable it is looking like they cause problems in our sewage systems and even end up coming out of the other side intact.

Personally, I wouldn’t flush them – it’s the next microbead scandal.

So what do I do?

Well, what I do is use reusable wipes. I’m not taking about wettable, wringable, strong as bull reusable here, I mean actual cloths dedicated to wiping down Big Baboo.

This sounds gross to some people, but it’s really not. You probably already have muslin cloths covered in sick and dribble, and whether you use cloth or disposable nappies you have a bucket or a bin full of wee- and poo-soaked things. What’s another collection of rags?

Because I use cloth nappies, I just wrap any used wipes in the nappy and put it straight into either a wet bag or a nappy bucket. We store all of our used nappies and wipes dry until they go in the wash – usually I do a load of laundry either every day or every other day. This way they don’t smell, there’s no fuss or work involved.

Think about this – I don’t know what the situation is where you live, but we have rubbish collections every two weeks. That means if I were to use disposable wipes (or, indeed, nappies), they would hang around for up to two weeks before being disposed of. Now that, to me, is gross!

What to use

I use Cheeky Wipes, get them here – Rainbow Bamboo Baby Wipes. They come in a range of fun colours and a nice and soft and really absorbent.

Essential Oils

To make them into ready-to-use baby wipes, you need a small tupperware box or container that will fit a bunch of them – try this Systema Klip-It 1l Storage Container, add it to your order of Cheeky Wipes!

Now, you have two choices. You can either simply wet these and use them with just water, or you can make a mild cleaning solution.

To make a cleaning solution, I suggest about 4-500ml boiled water, a small amount of castile soap – you can get Dr Bronner’s Baby-Mild Castile Soap here – and some essential oils.

If you use essential oils, it is generally recommended to dilute them in a carrier oil at a ratio of about 1 drop essential oil to 4 tablespoons of carrier oil – however, you could probably reduce this ratio since it isn’t being directly applied to baby and will be further diluted by the rest of the ingredients. You could use chamomile essential oil – get it here – and jojoba oil as the carrier oil – get organic jojoba oil here.

Mix all of these together and then add enough of the solution to saturate the cloths but not enough to drown them.

You can jazz up the cleaning solution with witch hazel extract, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera extract, and more. All of these things are natural product and are safe for baby’s bum.

Almond Oil makes a great carrier

More often than not, I just use water – I’m not exactly organised enough to make up a cleaning solution every few days – but it works great and smells nice.

If you’re like me, get some nice baby oil to help cleaning up a number 2. Otherwise water might not do the job – try this Weleda Calendula Baby Oil.

Finally, if you want, you can get everything ready-assembled (apart from water or cleaning solution) from Cheeky Wipes. This includes a wet bag for used wipes, a box to store your clean wipes, oil, and the wipes themselves. Get a reusable baby wipes kit here.

Cheeky Wipes reusable wipes KIT – available on Amazon

(Another tip is to add a couple of drops of essential oil to your nappy pail, this will eliminate any unpleasant smell (unless you like baby poop smell) and may inhibit bacterial growth depending on the properties of the oil you use. I like lemon oil and lavender oil! I also like patchouli, but it’s a bit strong for baby in my opinion.)

I hope this article has been helpful to you!