Dad Advice

I was really lost when our baby came - honestly, I had never had any real contact with a baby until then. I think that's the same for many dads (and mums!) - so my plan is to demystify some of the stuff that I had to deal with, and hopefully make the journey a little bit easier on everyone.

Here you'll find articles on sleeping, health, baby wearing, and generally how I muddled through the first few weeks and months and how I think you can too.

Seriously, if you're worried - don't be. You're going to do great!

‘Black Mirror’: Watch Next-Level Helicopter Parenting in ‘Arkangel’ Trailer (Video)
Helicopter parenting a la Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror.Kit and I watched a lot of Black Mirror recently in preparation for[...]
Sickness You Can’t See
It’s the understatement of the year to say that it’s hard being a parent. From the moment you hold your[...]
How To Wash Your Cloth Nappies And Keep Them Smelling Fresh
I've been reviewing my cloth nappy cleaning procedure recently, from pail to washer, from drier to drawer, hoping to optimise[...]
What’s Nappy Rash And How Do I Deal With It?
Click for full size imageNappy rash. As a dad, you’ve probably come across nappy rash. Surely you have right? I[...]
How To Stop Cloth Nappies Leaking ALL THE TIME
Click for full size imageWhen the Baboo was first born, we struggled with nappies. I’d never put a nappy on[...]
What’s All The Fuss About Reusable Nappies?
I’m seeing cloth nappies more and more now. To be honest, a few years ago the idea had never crossed[...]
Why Dad Should Be Baby Wearing – And A Little Known Fact About Men
Dad’s Ultimate Guide to BabywearingKids love to be closeImagine this; you’ve been eagerly and nervously anticipating the arrival of your[...]
What’s This Funky Stuff On Baby’s Head? How To Fix Cradle Cap
Josef Abel [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThere’s something amazing about this journey called parenting. It humbles you in a way[...]
Before The Birth
Preparation for the big day I suggest that you, as a father to be, do some preparation in advance of[...]
Dealing With Lack Of Sleep
Kit has been teething recently, and coupled with a cold he is waking up every hour or so - it's[...]
How To Keep My House Clean With A Baby
We live in a tiny little bungalow with barely any room for our stuff let alone a new addition and[...]
10 Ways To Be A Better Dad Today – Before Baby Is Even Born
Are you and your partner expecting a child? Are you worried you might not cut it as a dad? Wondering[...]
When Do Babies Start Crawling?
When do babies start crawling? When should our baby be crawling? Or rolling over, or something? I remember wondering about[...]
Vaccination For Newborn Baby
Don't Vaccinate That Child! How many times have you seen it on Facebook, or heard it discussed among people you[...]
Reading For Your Baby – Do Newborns Even LIKE Books?
Reading my baby boy books is something Mum and I always intended to do. In fact, before he was even[...]
Baby Allergy Symptoms
One thing that isn't very prevalent in my family is allergy - as far as I can tell, I don't[...]
When Do Babies Begin Teething?
Kit, for the past... well, I'm not sure, it feels like a long time but it might just be days,[...]
Best Gifts For New Dads
What is the best gift for a new dad? Before I became a dad, I was really not kid-clever. I[...]
Disposable Nappies Vs Reusable Cloth Nappies
Which to choose? Disposable, nice-and-easy, chuck-'em-away nappies - no having to deal with whatever happens to be inside them? Or[...]
How To Change A Nappy
One of the first things I had to do as a dad, other than gawping like an idiot at this[...]
Men, Love And Birth – Book Review
This post is about Men, Love and Birth: The book about being present at birth your pregnant lover wants you[...]
How To Make Reusable Baby Wipes
Wouldn't you like to save some money whilst helping the environment? Well, in this post I'm going to show you[...]
What Is Fetal Ejection Reflex?
Okay, right, fetal ejection reflex. Really, Joe!? Isn't this a little bit outside of your remit? Well, yes, I suppose[...]
Baby Development
When should my baby be talking? Shouldn't he be crawling around by now? Is he a genius? Maybe these articles[...]
Baby Health
The health of your little one is going to be paramount to you - to begin with, every little thing[...]
Dealing With Lack Of Sleep
When The Baby Comes?
The first few weeks.. Wow, what a time! Once the big day has come and gone, if this is your[...]
During Labour (For Dad)?
So the day has come, baby is just about to drop out, what do you do? What is happening? When[...]
When She Is Pregnant
You need to be the best partner you can - this is the first step to being a good dad.[...]