Parenting Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Will Wake Up Your Kids

I’ve been up for 26 hours so far and it doesn’t look like sleep is coming anytime soon, so here I am watching YouTube videos – obviously.

I hope you enjoy it too!

Britain’s best value nappies!

I love shopping at Aldi, and look, they sell the best disposable nappy apparently:

The nappy

Available in sizes ranging from Newborn to size six Easy Pants, perhaps one of the best things about the Mamia range is that they are, on average, 76% cheaper than the nation’s current leading brand – saving parents around £604.40 per year! Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi, said:

I totally agree, they are great and do the job fantastically. They are also super cheap compared to the brand name ones. What a ripoff they are!

I still recommend cloth nappies if possible, but we use disposable nappies when we really need to and these are a great option.

Aldi also do good baby snacks, the Mamia range of things. Kit loves the tomato wheels. I think they’re a bit bland, but that’s just me.


‘Black Mirror’: Watch Next-Level Helicopter Parenting in ‘Arkangel’ Trailer (Video)

Helicopter parenting a la Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

Kit and I watched a lot of Black Mirror recently in preparation for the new series which is due to come out pretty soon.

I dunno if it’s appropriate for a one year old? But it’s pretty good watching.

I do wonder how the future will change parenting – what will kids be like in a decade, when they’ve grown up with such incredible technology? What will education be like in the western world where there is simply no reason for a person to be able to recall facts and figures and dates from memory; no reason to be able to perform long division or calculate the surface are of a sphere.

A weird world we live in.


Sickness You Can’t See

It’s the understatement of the year to say that it’s hard being a parent. From the moment you hold your one-minute-old baby in your arms, you become a changed person. A muscle that you didn’t even know existed within you bursts to life. It’s the muscle of worry, of terror, of hopes and dreams, it’s the muscle of prayer and a gratefulness that can bring you to tears.

I just read this post about dealing with mental illness as a parent. It’s a good read and very moving.

I’ve not had to personally deal with mental illness – I’m probably the most “normal” (is that even a word!?) person I know. I am positively mundane.

However, I have definitely been affected by mental illness, albeit indirectly. It saddens me to see how poorly supported sufferers are in this country – but even so, we have some of the best mental health support in the world.

That just goes to show that these conditions are poorly understood by most people even now.

The following quote from The Sorrows Of Young Werther by J. W v. Goethe, published in 1774, really captures how I feel about the subject:

Shame upon him who can look on calmly, and exclaim, ‘The foolish girl! she should have waited; she should have allowed time to wear off the impression; her despair would have been softened, and she would have found another lover to comfort her.’ One might as well say, ‘The fool, to die of a fever! why did he not wait till his strength was restored, till his blood became calm? all would then have gone well, and he would have been alive now.

Depression, for instance, is a physical ailment – “mental” health is surely a misnomer.

Anyway, read the article!


When nobody knows your sorrow: On parenting a child with mental illness

Washing Nappies, Breaking Windows and Many Thanks!

Hi again,

I just thought I would write another post – it’s been AGES since my last one – to let you all know I’ve written a guide on how to clean a nappy. Elementary stuff, you think – well, read the guide and let me know what you think THEN! Bahaaaha.

I’ve been AFK for a while, and will probably be TLA for another little while so sorry if you’ve been trying to get in touch.

And finally, a thank you to Sherry of for mentioning me on her blog. My posts on vaccination have been fairly well received, which I’m pleased about.

Sherry writes about money, with style. Here’s a snippet from her about page to get you interested:


I could do with some help not splurging my money all in one go. I’m not a natural saver – I used to think I was thrifty, but I just had no money to spend. Now I just have no money.

So, thanks again!

I have a few more things in the works for when I get a bit of time, so do check back.

How To Wash Your Cloth Nappies And Keep Them Smelling Fresh


Nappy rash at 4am

So I’ve been getting up at 4am this week, for work. It’s the only quiet time I get during which I can write for this website, watch cat videos, and drink cup after cup of coffee.

Okay, I drink cup after cup of coffee all day anyway – I get up at 4am, so I kinda have to in order to get through to bedtime!

And, truth be told, work isn’t actually till 6am so I get a nice couple of hours of just sitting there, wishing I was asleep.

But look what I have to show for it! Another lovely post for you lovely people.

This time it’s about nappy rash – last week I was wittering on about cradle cap which is basically like a rash on baby’s head. So now I’ve gone down to the other end, rash on bum. Have a look at it (the post) and let me know if there’s anything I have missed.

Here it is! Nappy rash!

Bathtime thoughts

So last night I was in the bathroom, not myself bathing but watching baby be bathed. Yes, I was lazily sitting and watching. Anyway, the topic of cradle cap came up and I was scouring my brains, “I should know about this, why don’t I!?”

After all, I have a post about cradle cap.

It’s a fairly comprehensive post, although maybe it could use some work. And I could definitely do with re-reading it and re-researching it. That flakey weirdness has come back, you see? Not on me, on Him. My flakey weirdness never went away.

On a similar note, I have just written a piece on keeping nappies dry where they ought to be (on the outside). It doesn’t work in the bath, where everything gets wet (as an aside, does anyone else’s baby drink bathwater? Should I be concerned?? It’s just soap and bum-particles, right? Hardly a cause for concern….. riight?)

So here’s that article.

I hope you find it useful – it’s been working for me for a while now. Whenever I get a leaky nappy on my hands, I think to myself “Ah, yes, that happened because of X”. So, you see, knowing is only half of the battle.

Good luck dads!

Thoughts on vaccines, lost dinner, et cetera

This week I’ve been working on some posts on vaccines and vaccination.

I’m quite a fan of vaccines, personally. I think they improve overall health and wellness for people all over the world. Which I think is great.

Anyway, the other day I finished it and I was going to, you know, “release” it. But I had to work a full day, which was fine. Tthen when I got home, and dinner was served by the lovely Mum, I got called out for the rest of the night. Moral of the story, don’t put your limbs into working machinery.

So, skip to the end.. here is the piece. Have a look at it and let me know what you think. It’s pretty long, so I chopped it into several small pieces.

Vaccines and stuff.

PS I did get to eat my dinner, I had it for breakfast the next day.

Fixing a Boiler With A Baby

Just to be clear, I’m not actually using the baby to fix the boiler. I just had to fix the boiler, with a baby also present.

Here’s what happened – I had smelled oil for a week or so, mostly when the boiler was running and just afterwards.

This all culminated in a power outage the other day, maybe it was Tuesday, which of course meant the boiler was out. When the power came back (nearly twelve hours later! What!?) the oil smell was very strong and I thought to myself

“Well, I really ought to do something about this now…”

That sense of urgency prompted me to open it up and have a looksee. It seemed as though the power outage, having reset the program on the timer dealie, caused the boiler to start firing for a longer period than usual because the heating came on automatically.

For whatever reason, having the boiler firing caused oil to leak out of the oil isolation valve. I could see a small patch of oil around the valve, so I went and ordered a replacement part. Luckily the handbook that comes with the boiler has a nice exploded diagram of the whole thing, so I knew what I was dealing with. A quick search on Google confirmed that the part in question in the boiler in question is prone to leaking, and I found a suitable replacement easily.

Anyway, a couple of days later I managed to get round to replacing the valve. I was home alone with the Boy. First things first, I hoovered all of the dust out of the boiler and from the surroundings. This was looooong overdue.

Unfortunately Kit isn’t too keen on the vacuum cleaner, and he’s even less keen on my locking him behind the baby gate while he watches me do things. At the moment he’s going through a very clingy phase. So after ten minutes or so of vacuuming he was getting pretty impatient. I picked him up and soothed him, and tried to get back to work, but he was having none of it.

In the end, I managed to keep him content balanced on my lap with a toy, while I reclined and worked on the boiler backwards and upside down. Gee, Boy, you make things so easy!

Anyway, in the end it took only about 20 minutes of total work (apart from the hoovering and cleanup). We spent the rest of the day walking the dogs and cooking dinner.

I wonder if there’s a baby carrier for this sort of situation?