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When She Is Pregnant
You need to be the best partner you can - this is the first step to being a good dad.[...]
Baby Allergy Symptoms
One thing that isn't very prevalent in my family is allergy - as far as I can tell, I don't[...]
Before The Birth
Preparation for the big day I suggest that you, as a father to be, do some preparation in advance of[...]
How To Keep My House Clean With A Baby
We live in a tiny little bungalow with barely any room for our stuff let alone a new addition and[...]
Reading For Your Baby – Do Newborns Even LIKE Books?
Reading my baby boy books is something Mum and I always intended to do. In fact, before he was even[...]
When Do Babies Start Crawling?
When do babies start crawling? When should our baby be crawling? Or rolling over, or something? I remember wondering about[...]
Vaccination For Newborn Baby
Don't Vaccinate That Child! How many times have you seen it on Facebook, or heard it discussed among people you[...]
What’s This Funky Stuff On Baby’s Head? How To Fix Cradle Cap
Josef Abel [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThere’s something amazing about this journey called parenting. It humbles you in a way[...]